Bodryachok (Calf feed with antiviral Fra C12 and Fra Octazaim enzyme complex)

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Product Features

  • — Granules
  • — packed in 25 kg bags
  • — Shelf life – 2 months from the production date.

High quality granulated pre-starter calf feed is designed for intensive growing of young cattle.

The presence of Fra Melko additives in the composition of the feed allows to grow healthy and strong young calves, increase productivity and profitability of growing young calves in an environmentally friendly way.

FRA C 12 stimulates immunity and increases stress resistance of calves, has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effect.

FRA Octazyme is an enzyme system containing 8 declared activities derived from various microorganisms. It improves the assimilation of feed nutrients and increases the average daily gain mainly due to good feed conversion.

The presence in the feed of macro- and microelement compounds, preparations of water- and fat-soluble vitamins completely provides the calf body, as well as prevents diseases associated with metabolic disorders (white muscle disease, rickets, osteodystrophy, endemic goiter, hypocobaltosis, hypo- and avitaminosis).

Benefits of use:

  1. antiviral, antimicrobial, immune-stimulating
  2. Has a high nutritional value and digestibility (93-95%)
  3. Promotes lint growth and development of the gastrointestinal tract
  4. Calf survival, high feed conversion, good weight gain
  5. Painless transfer of calves to the next group, smooth weaning from milk, high productivity
Nutrients in 1t:
Caloric energy   12.90 MJ Ca 1.01%
Crude protein  20.00 % P 0.74 %
Crude Fiber 3.18 % Na 0, 11 %
Crude Fat 3.56% Chlorides 0.16 %
Injected 1% premix per 1 ton 
Vitamin A 2500 mln. IU/t Mn 3000 g/t
Vitamin D3 300 mln. IU/t Co 350 g/t
Vitamin E 1300 g/t 18 g/t
Vitamin B1 300 g/t Se 10 g/t
Vitamin B2 1000 g/t FRA C12 (antiviral drug) +
Vitamin B3 2000 g/t g/t FRA Octaseim (enzyme) +
Vitamin B5 1000 g/t FRA Lecimax +
Vitamin B12 2 g/t FRA Maxibind +
Fe  2000 g/t FRA Butyrin Ultra +
Cu   Silvafeed ByPro +
Zn 3000 g/t    
Recommended use
  • — Continuous use
  • — Use in feed
Product Features
  • — Granules
  • — packed in 25 kg bags
  • — Shelf life – 2 months from the production date.
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