Accredited Laboratory

The laboratory is accredited in accordance with the requirements of GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2019 for 13 feed quality indicators. Accreditation certificate reg. No. BY/112 2.5427 dated 02.09.2022 г. The accreditation cetificate is valid till 02.09.2027.
The laboratory analyzes the nutritional value of feed for agricultural animals
Research is being conducted on certified equipment based on the “wet chemistry” method
Scope of accreditation

Feed, compound feed, mixed feed raw materials, feed additives

Vegetable feed (silage, haylage, hay, green fodder, grass fodder)

Vegetable feed (silage, haylage)

* indicators necessary for the calculation and determined by instrumental methods: mass fraction of raw fiber, mass fraction of crude ash

анализ кормов для животных
Measured indicators outside the scope of accreditation

Feed, compound feed, mixed feed raw materials

Milk and dairy products

Additional options available in our laboratory:
анализ питательности кормов разработка
Documents for receiving samples
Decision Rule
Conformity assessment is an activity aimed at determining that the requirements for test objects specified in the TNLA are met.
When obtaining results that are within the limits of compliance established by TNLA, use two variants of the decision rule:

P 1. in order to reduce the risk of the manufacturer of the test object, the decision rule assumes the establishment of a protective interval from the "outside" in relation to the tolerance field limit established in the TNLA.

P 2. in order to reduce consumer risk: the decision rule based on protected acceptance assumes the establishment of a calculated guard interval within the tolerance limit specified in the ROV.

The decision rule presented in clause 1 is the main one in assessing pass/fail. At the request of the Customer, the decision rule presented in clause 2 may be applied. This requirement is fixed in the application for testing.
In cases where the issuance of a conclusion on compliance requires the provision of calculated data, the conclusion is issued in the protocol without an accreditation mark or without a reference to the accreditation certificate. It is possible to issue a conclusion on compliance in this case in the form of a separate report in accordance with DP 07-2022.
The pass/fail statement must specify:
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